The Mortgage Process Can Be Difficult
But It Doesn’t Have To Be…


Our Amazing Mortgage Process

Not sure where to start? No worries! We’re here to walk you through what happens from our first conversation to after you close your loan. We call it our Amazing Mortgage Process.

You’ll love working with us. Our clients get to sit back and let us do the heavy lifting. We do everything over the phone or online – and we’ll even come to you for closing. Whether you are looking for a Residential Loans, Commercial Loans or Hard Money Loan, contact us for all of your loan needs.

Meet The Specialists

When shopping for a loan, you need a professional whom you can rely. Mortgage Specialist Group is dedicated to helping you meet your goals while advising you based on more than 20 years’ experience in professional mortgage lending. Specializing in Residential Loans, Commercial Loans and Hard Money Loans. We believe in 100% client satisfaction and the ability for everyone to be homeowners, both domestic and international clients. READ MORE >>

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